Welcome to my Chevrolet Camaro website.  I'm the proud owner of a 1979 Camaro Z28.  Acquired early in November of 2002, she was obviously owned by a number of people prior to my purchase.   In general, the car was in fair condition when I first bought it.  In addition to the normal Z28 upgrades (350 engine, specialized interior components, etc.) the car came with new wheels, aluminum rims, a 350 transmission (automatic), dual exhaust and power windows. (Currently, the car is acting as my daily driver, and it has very few problems.)
April 14, 2004 and $2500+ later: 
Finally!  The exterior is complete!  Decals, a LeBra, the gold hood scoop, and to top it off; chrome exhaust tips, the exterior is finally complete!Final tuning to the engine was done by a local mechanic (Yellowstone Automotive: they do very good work.)  I had the starter, heat feed lines and vacuum lines replaced and rerooted.  Everything works pretty good now.  The car is much faster after the tune up.  I finally have times.  0-60 in 6.9 seconds  0-100 in about  11 seconds.  It's modest, I know, but it isn't a race car.  It's a fully restored muscle car.  Despite this fact, I will now be working on performance upgrades.  So far, I have installed mandrel dual exhaust and well as full-length headers.  I also have a set of Summit turbo mufflers under there (I recommend them if you don't want a really loud car.  They sound awesome at idle and accell, but they're guiet went cruising.  You may want an X-pipe.).  Finally, I am sitting on an Edelbrock Aluminun manifold, but have been hesitent to put it on.  Pretty soon I'll buckle down and install it.  Other plans include adding a 268HE cam, perhaps a set of original Daisy style rims (Torq-D) I have, fully functional ram-air,  and air-induction hood, and, while I'm dreaming, maybe a supercharger or turbocharger.

Are you anti-Rice?  Visit ricecop.  I've put together some of the banners on it ("Altezza's, Cause everyone's got'em" and "X-treme Dumbensions")

SRC: Street Race Cody
A friend's website.  While I am profiled on it, I do not condone street racing, its dangerous and unnessesary the vast majority of the time.

Second Generation Camaro Owners

If you own a Second Generation Camaro here is the site for you.  Great, helpful forums on anything Camaro

::My car's stats::
Chevrolet 350 (original engine)

Rochester Quadrajet (four barrel with vacuum secondaries)

Automatic Turbo-Hydromatic 350 Transmission

Ventilated  Disc brakes (front), drum brakes (back

Lief springs (rear), coil springs (front)

Top speed- The speedometer goes up to 130, but I am guessing that top speed is more around 105-110 now.  It's made to accelerate fast.

0-60- 6.90 (based on OEM speedometer, it's closer to 6.5-6.7 with a proper launch)

0-100- 11.xx

1/4 Mile- no track.  Estimating about 13.5x seconds at 98-104


Thanks for visiting my website, drive safe and keep rollin'